Your Specialist for Metrology and Sensor Technology

ALTHEN GmbH  - Your Specialist for Metrology and Sensor Technology

ALTHEN GmbH Mess- und Sensortechnik – your specialist for electrical measurement of mechanical values – has been involved in the field of metrology and sensor technology for 30 years. Our product range encompasses the following physical values

  • pressure / differential pressure
  • force / load / torque
  • position / distance / rotary angle
  • acceleration / vibration / rate
  • inclination / levelling

[Product Overview]

Top priority is given to customized solutions for the above-mentioned values at ALTHEN and is the reason we focus on user consulting, sales and servicing of readings recorders and sensors for the “electrical measurement of mechanical values” and on through to complete measuring systems and system integrations. The high demands placed on the technical properties of all products are also reflected in our calibration lab, which is equipped to cope with the values in question.

Its many years of experience, technical expertise and its extensive range of products put ALTHEN in a position to create solutions for almost all applications, solutions that are both competitively priced and technically outstanding. These are created in close cooperation with the client, either directly on site by the engineers in the field service from one of our four German sales offices or by phone with the technicians in the headquarters. Participation in continuous training and advanced training programs ensure all our sales staff are kept up-to-date with the latest state-of-the-art measuring technologies.

ALTHEN has been active the field of metrology and sensor technology since 1978. Initially Mr Althen concentrated on the sale of transient and analog recorders, but readings recorders and sensors soon followed and were included in the sales activities. The need to satisfy the increasing demand for complete metrological system solutions led to the establishment of the “Engineering and Calibration” department in the year 1985. This department has continued to grow ever since. Measuring amplifiers and evaluation electronics for strain gauge sensors, LVDTs/RVDTs as well as piezoelectric sensors are developed and manufactured in-house with state-of-the-art electronic production systems – often in accordance with customer-specific requirements. Since 1998 we have been working with our own SMD placement system, which allows us to improve the quality of the PCBs produced and to press ahead with the trend towards miniaturization.

Our customers, in part highly reputed global players, reap the benefit of our 30 years of experience in the field of metrology, our practical expertise and high degree of flexibility and they challenge our spirit of development continuously with their demand for sophisticated solutions. We gladly accept the challenge.

TUEV certificate for ALTHEN

For the scopes Application, Engineering, Sales and Calibration of Sensors/Transducers and associated Instrumentation a certification was conducted in May 1997 by TÜ Hessen in accordance with TÜV-CERT procedures DIN EN ISO 9002. In February 2013 a re-certification according to standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 has been done with validation until January 2016.

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