Holger Piscator

"With our in-house development, we support all metrics offered by Althen"

Director of Engineering at Althen

I studied electrical engineering. During my studies I already worked at Althen. After my diploma thesis in the field of medical technology I joined Althen in 1988. My job at the time was to plan new developments and put them into practice. Company founder Mr. Althen realized very early on that our customers do not only need the sensor or the sensor, but also have great interest in complete solutions, because even then customers often did not have the opportunity to study the matter of measuring technology so intensively.

The engineering department has grown steadily over the years. We now have more than 25 years of experience and, I think, a high level of competence. The employees in the department are usually technicians who have been employed at Althen for a long time. This is also necessary because we need the experience and knowledge of the products to meet the diverse customer requirements.



What distinguishes Althen is its flexibility. We are able to realize customized solutions for small quantities and even single pieces. In doing so, we have many years of know-how, with individual employees specializing in specific product areas in order to facilitate timely implementation of projects.

All equipment we manufacture is being developed on a regular basis. Re-designs take into account technical improvements, customer requirements and new EMC aspects.

Not only do we want to "sell a product", we also want to support our customers in their metrological tasks with knowledge and experience.

Complete solutions

Complete solutions in the form of a transducer from Althen, in conjunction with electronics that are necessary to issue standard signals, the whole in a "packaging" suitable for the application including the required connection cable - these were very early on the goals that we had, and this has proven itself.

With our in-house development, we support all metrics offered by Althen. We build complete solutions for pressure, force, inclination, acceleration, travel or even accessories for data loggers.

Normally, in the field service, a conversation with the customer first takes place in which the customer expresses his metrological problem and his idea. Then we check whether with a standard solution that we have in the sales program, the task can be fulfilled or whether it makes sense to develop and offer a special solution. 

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