Roland Kunze

System Solutions: from sensor to measurement analysis

Roland Kunze - Product specialist for Data Loggers and Data Acquisition

I have been with Althen since 2008 and responsible for the product line Data Acquisition and Data Loggers. In doing so, I cover the entire sales spectrum, from customer support with technical support for hardware and software to development of applications at the customer's site. Straight care and service after the purchase are for us particularly important aspects.

I am a qualified radio and television technician and have then made my education to state-certified electronics. Subsequently, I trained as a technical business administrator and worked for Europe's largest company for the rental of electronic measuring technology. In that sense, metrology has been a key component of my professional background right from the start.

Measurement technology is a very extensive area, and customer inquiries are very application-dependent. Most of the times a standard sensor does not suit the solution. We can offer the customer a complete system solution. For us, that means: from the sensor to the actual measurement analysis. We offer the customer a concept-oriented system solution.


Data Loggers

The product line I am responsable for includes, for example, the products of DATAQ Instruments, which offers stand-alone and PC-bound data loggers, but also Lascar with simple low-cost USB loggers which are connected to the PC and configured there, and then especially the products of Graphtec.

Graphtec plays a very important role in our product range. Here we have a wide range of products from the GL-midi LOGGER series to thermal array recorders, for example thermal paper recorders, which have a modular structure, or e.g.

Brand new in our product portfolio is the model GL7000 Data Platform.  



Data Loggers for the Automotive Industry

As the most important sales market for Graphtec data loggers, the automotive sector is clearly emerging. Major car manufacturers use Graphtec equipment in their test benches. The same applies to driving tests and test benches at many automotive suppliers. The further development of engine technology and newly emerging technologies such as hybrid propulsion make new test rigs ever more necessary.

This also creates new applications in the downstream supply industries, which can be well covered with the Graphtec equipment, for example in terms of batteries. Other major sales areas are the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

In general, data loggers are of interest wherever the processes of production processes are to be recorded.

German user guides 

Not all manufacturers have a German user guide and a German version of the associated software, let alone a German manual. At ALTHEN we put special value on it. Especially with the Graphtec devices, we have ensured that all devices are accompanied by a German manual.

We commissioned and supervised the translation ourselves. This is very important for our market. Because even though the customers want to start right away, there are always points later that you want to look up in the operating instructions. That's why devices without a German-language manual are extremely difficult to sell on the German market. When translating the menu, we also support Graphtec in choosing the right German words.

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