Stefan Kunisch

"We have a broad experience in offering sensor solutions for wind energy. In the field of wind power, all actors are among our customers, from installers to plant operators."

Product Specialist Vibration Measurement Technology and VibroMatrix

I have been with Althen since spring 2012 and previously worked in the field of automation, in the position of a customer of Althen. However, since the companies in which I worked before have also developed solutions for their own customers, the working philosophy that characterizes Althen has long been familiar to me in principle.

After my start at Althen, I worked especially in the field of vibration measurement technology and acquired a lot of new expertise. Two very important branches of application here are the analysis of vibrations and vibrations on buildings and components as well as everything that has to do mechanically with machines, systems and bearings. If you connect the two applications together, this results in the requirement profile for measurements on wind turbines, because here you have once the building, so the tower and the nacelle, and above gear, generator and rotor blades.


Sensors for Wind Energy

Wind energy is a very big topic for Althen. We have a broad experience in offering sensor solutions for wind energy. In the field of wind power, all actors are among our customers, from installers to plant operators.

We also give lectures on this topic at the education seminars of the Sensor Technology Association AMA

Very important is the intensive contact to the market via the specialized wind energy trade fairs. Thanks to our good networking, we are also in a position to involve the development of the relevant standards at an early stage in the development of our solutions.

Not least thanks to the close partnership with IDS, which develops the VibroMatrix software for us, we will be able to do a lot more for our customers here in the future. We also pass on customer wishes and regularly try to identify recurring requirements, so that we can take them into account in the software, the measurement technology and the organizational processes right from the start.

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