Thomas Richter

Area Sales Manager for Germany and Austria

I have been with Althen since 2001. First I worked in the office, but later I took over the sales area Southeast Germany (Bavaria, Thuringia, Saxony and Austria). Since that time, I have been responsible for all sales aspects of this area - from customer acquisition through quotation to the development of new solutions in dialogue with existing customers.

Our customer base includes virtually all sectors in which metrology plays a role. I myself have clients in medical technology, but I also travel in steelworks. Many of our customers are special machine builders who build test stands and work together again with other large companies as their subcontractors. But in principle we are represented in all areas of industry and also supply many universities, research and development institutions.


Wide-range program

When I was introduced to Althen, I got a product catalog on the desk that was so big that I thought: No one can keep that! But you can, as it turned out. And just this extremely wide-ranging program is a big advantage of Althen. So basically we can respond to every customer request. We can do many things directly from the catalog program. If that does not work, we offer special solutions. And that is, I think, the big advantage of Althen: we can realize custom solutions very quickly.

Especially when it comes to solutions for the power sector, we are extremely flexible. This is possible because of the close partnership with our suppliers, who can adapt many of their standard products to our specifications in a short time. 

In the last few years I focused more and more on force  measurement. Our strength lies above all in the customer-specific developments for special applications. 

A solution for every problem

Usually, the customer calls us and describes his problem, which is then discussed with him. Mostly the customer already has an idea for the solution, one also develops initial ideas during the conversation. In order to avoid talking about each other, it is important to get into the car at an early stage and work out a system solution together with the customer on the basis of drawings.

What everyone probably practices in our house is that we always try to find a solution for every problem of the customer, as fast as it is within our power. We try to advise our customers well and fairly.

Under fair, I understand that you're trying to sell the product that's best for your application to the customer - and that does not always have to be the most expensive. I think that is also well-known by the customers, and I think that's what we appreciate from our customers. 

Large quantities

For simple industrial applications in the field of force measurement, we accept large quantities. We can also make changes to standard products here. I am currently working on a dynamometric measurement project on ski jumps.

In this case, in the take-off radius, load cells are attached to the edge of the take-off table in the lane. This allows the sports scientists to determine exactly the jumping off of the athletes. In a track up to 80 transducers are installed, which of course should not cost a lot.

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