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Pioneers in a new space age

DARE is a student team of the Delft University of Technology, a group of ambitious students with an intense passion for rocket science and having a common dream to reach space. DARE designs, builds and launches rockets that serve a scientific and educational purpose.

Project Stratos is the flagship project of DARE (Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering). The project sets out to realize the ultimate dream: launching a rocket to space. With reaching Space the students will reclaim the European and Worldwide Amateur Rocketry Altitude Record for DARE and put them in the history books as the first student team to reach space.

The members study at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering or other faculties within the University. 

Reaching the Karman line

DARE is pursuing the goal of becoming the first amateur rocketry society in space by reaching the Karman line at 100 kilometers altitude. They previously held the European amateur altitude record which was set by the Stratos II+ rocket that reached 21.5 kilometers in 2015.

The Stratos III rocket was launched on the 26th of July at INTA, the Spanish space institute, with the aim to break the European altitude record for amateur rocketry. The rocket failed 20 seconds into flight above the ocean. Although the mission was not successful, the Stratos IV team is already completed and continued the project.

Stratos IV

To realize this dream, the team relies on the knowledge gathered during three previous Stratos projects:

  • Stratos I, a two stage solid rocket, launched in 2009 to an altitude of 12.5 km, setting the European Altitude Record.
  • Stratos II+, a hybrid rocket, launched in October 2015, breaking their own altitude record at 21.5km.
  • Stratos III was launched in the summer of 2018 aiming to reclaim the altitude record that had since been taken from us. Unfortunately the launch was not successful, an anomaly occurred 20 seconds after the launch, resulting in the loss of the vehicle.

At the end of August 2018, the students started the Stratos IV project, even more determined and committed to achieve their mission:

“Design, build, test and launch a rocket to space before the end of August 2019 while carrying a scientific payload onboard”.

In order to realize this ambitious goal, the Stratos IV team will build upon the existing Stratos III design. Towards the end of the Stratos III project it became apparent that the Stratos III rocket has the potential to go to space. Recognising this potential, a number of design choices and innovative new solutions will be implemented. The Stratos IV will be ready to launch by August 2019.

Team 2018-2019

For this year they have a brand-new and highly motivated team of 60 engineers. The team is very diverse and international. It consists of fourteen full-time engineers, who have stopped their studies to dedicate one full year to the project.

Next to this, the team consists of 46 part-time engineers, that spend on average between 10 and 15 hours a week on the project.

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