Ice skating Team Altijd Koers

Althen Sensors & Controls proud sponsor of this Marathon Ice Skating Team.

Althen Sensors & Controls is the proud sponsor of iceskating team Altijd koers. The Team participates in Ice Skating Marathons: long distance speed skating races on natural ice like canals, lakes and rivers or on ice skating rinks. 

The team consists of Carla Ketellapper-Zielman, Beau Wagemaker, Kim Muusse, Anneke Peters, and Marlies ter Bekke. Anton Ketellapper is the team leader and trainer of the team.

Together they have defined their goals for the coming season: surprising races and participating and winning all marathon competitions.

For more information, you can visit the website Schaatsteam Altijd Koers

Beau Wagemaker Iceskating sponsor
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