Silverwing: Unlocking Personal Flight

The most extreme thing you'll ever ride

The Silverwing Team is a student team of TU Delft. They envision a future where personal mobility is unlimited in three dimensions. To do this, the team plans to build a personal flying machine that takes currently available technology and pushes it beyond its limits.

The Silverwing Design

In line with the Silverwing philosophy, a fully electric, design that is capable of autonomous flight was selected. The team believes this is the logical step forward for the aircraft industry. That is why the aircraft will be powered by high energy density batteries and requires zero pilot input to complete a flight.

The large wing provides effective lift during horizontal flight while the smaller front wing provides control and stability. Two large, ducted propellers optimize efficiency and minimize noise while providing enough thrust for a controlled vertical take-off and landing and a top speed of over 100 km/h.

Above all, safety is priority number one. The design has a low-power backup system and is capable of belly landing in case of emergency

The GoFly Challeng: Silverwing wins phase I

The Silverwing Team competes in the GoFly Prize, a competition, sponsored by Boeing, with the intention to push the boundaries of personal flying. The challenge consists of three phases: a design phase, a test phase and a final fly-off in October 2019. Silverwing, with their Flying Motorcycle was one of those 10 winners of the first phase.

In the fly-off, each of the flying devices shall have to vertically take-off, perform a speed run of 11 km and vertically land. On top of that there is a size restriction of 4.5 meters and a noise restriction of 87 dBA, the sound level of a passing train.

A total of $2,000,000 prize money will be awarded over the duration of the competition, with the final grand prize being $1,000,000 for the best overall entry.

Silverwing Team sponsor

The Team

In late 2017, several multi-disciplinary students from the Delft University of Technology had just won the first SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition in Los Angeles.

Eager to take on a new challenge they accepted the GoFly challenge and founded the Silverwing team with one goal: unlocking personal flight. The team has been growing since then and by doing so expanded the skills at hand. However, it has never let go of its identity as a small dynamic team, which they believe is key in any mission, technical or otherwise.

By combining their skills and motivation, they aim to win the Boeing GoFly challenge in October 2019 and ultimately bring personal, autonomous flight to everyone’s doorstep

We are very proud of what this team has achieved so far. Visit the website for more information about the TU Delft Silverwing Team.

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