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GRAPHTEC Data Loggers: Always a good choice

GRAPHTEC Data Loggers for recording measurement data are fast, flexible and easy to use. They have up to 200 measuring channels and record measured data without a PC or notebook. Different sensors can be connected to the Data Loggers via the connection boxes of the GLET series.

If you provide us with your requirements, we look forward to help you with the selection of a GRAPHTEC Data Logger. Please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Portability and versatility for the requirements of onsite testing
  • Multifunctional inputs for the simultaneous recording of several signals
  • Channel-to-channel isolation for more security
  • Fast solution for real time Excel recording and reporting
  • Big display
  • Robustness
  • Differential inputs for all channels
  • Flexible interfaces for PC's

Web and FTP server function

  • FTP client function
  • DHCP client function
  • USB Drive mode
  • NTP client function

Four ways to store your measurement data

  • Internal RAM
  • Internal flash memory
  • SD Memory Card
  • SSD module

Measurement Data Analysis with IPEMotion for dataloggers of the midiLogger series

In close cooperation with IPETronik, we have developed an import filter for the  GL7000 Data Logger. This makes it possible to import the recorded binary data of the midiLogger series directly into the measuring and test bench software IPEMotion. In addition to analyzing the measured data and linking with measured values ​​of other systems, IPEMotion offers the added value of mathematically linking individual measurement channels, an easy-to-use report generator and the option to export the measurement data completely or selectively to other application formats.

The users simply control the comfortable functions with the mouse in IPEMotion. Several recorded measurement data can be loaded in parallel and the individual measurement channels in the trend window can be displayed immediately using drag & drop. In addition, there are zoom functions for all measuring axes, a representation in different coordinate systems, statistics calculations and video integration.

MCPS Software for Data Loggers

MCPS (Multi Channel Process System) is Windows software from Cad computer for measuring data acquisition, evaluation and reporting for the GRAPHTEC Data Loggers GL840 and GL240. Since all processes are simply configured and neither programming nor flowcharts are required, the software can be largely managed by the end user. Thanks to its modular design, MCPS optimally adapts to your requirements and can be extended later as required, if your measuring task changes.

Take a look at the application examples from MCPS (PDF).

Software for Data Loggers

Download up-to-date software (multiple languages) for Graphtec Data Loggers on the Graphtec website. Read more >>

Suitable applications

On this page you find more information about suitable applications the Data Loggers GL7000, GL980, GL2000 and GL820. Read more >>

Flexible multi-channel data logger: GRAPHTEC GL240

Whether in the laboratory or in the industrial sector: The GL240 Data Logger is a small compact midiLogger with up to 10 measuring channels for the recording of voltage, temperature and currents.

Data Loggers in use - read the application stories

Data Logger Applications
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