GRAPHTEC GL240 with WLAN Adapter

Data Logger for recording voltage, temperature, humidity and currents

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Flexible multi-channel data logger: GRAPHTEC GL240

Whether in the laboratory or in the industrial sector: The GL240 Data Logger is a small compact midiLogger with up to 10 measuring channels for the recording of voltage, temperature and currents.

The large buttons and the high-contrast TFT color display make configuration of the Data Logger easy. The buttons are ergonomically arranged so they can be easily reached and operated with gloves. The measuring signals are connected via the integrated M3 screw terminals. The input range for measuring voltages can be set between 20 mV and 100 V. Furthermore, numerous different thermocouple types can be connected and configured in the device. The sample rate per measuring channel can be set between 10 ms and 1 h.

The individually adjustable alarm output can be used to monitor the individual measuring channels. Furthermore, the model offers extensive trigger and timer functions. The data is recorded on easy-to-use SD cards (4 to 32 GB) or is possible with attached APS software on a PC. With the included WLAN adapter, the GL240 can easily be integrated into the network via WLAN. In addition, it can be conveniently controlled by a tablet or smartphone using a special GL-Connect app.

If you provide us with your requirements, we look forward to help you with the selection of the best GRAPHTEC Data Logger for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

The compact and accurate data logger solution offers:

  • Measuring ranges: voltage, temperature, humidity
  • Up to 10 measuring channels
  • Wireless communication with PC and mobile devices
  • Remote control via GL-Connect app
  • Interfaces: USB, WLAN
  • Operation: Autarkic, PC based, FTP, HTTP

WLAN option for GL240

The Wi-Fi option allows wireless communication with other devices. The GL240 Data Logger can be used as an access point for the GL100-WL. If the GL240 is configured as a station, the PC and mobile devices can communicate directly with the datalogger via WLAN.

The GL240 measuring technology kit with WLAN adapter consists of:

  • Datalogger GL240-EU
  • Battery B-569
  • Suitcase TK-midi-6

Combination of GL100-WL and GL240 / GL840

The compact Data Logger GL100-WL can be connected to the data loggers of the GL840 or GL240 series via WLAN. The various measuring sensors of the GL100-WL extend the range of possible measurements. The measured value then appears in a file together with the measured values ​​of the GL840 or GL240. The GL840 or GL240 gets the information directly from the GL100-WL.



Communication with PC or mobile devices

The GL840 and GL240 Data Loggers can be connected to a LAN (Local Area Network) via a WLAN access point. The evaluation of the measurement data is possible via the PC or mobile devices with the help of the application software. The device can also be configured via the network.

Software for PC and mobile devices

For PC (GL100_240_840-APS). The PC software is a standard accessory of the data logger

  • Monitoring and data storage on the PC
  • Control
  • Other functions: schedule function, grouping function, file conversion, file operations and more

For mobile devices (GL-Connect)

Apps for mobile devices are available for the Android and iOS operating systems. They can be obtained free of charge from the corresponding app stores (enter "graphtec" for the app search).

  • Monitoring the measured data: Measurement data can be viewed as real-time digital values ​​in the app. The stored measurement data of the data logger can be displayed in the waveform view. (The measurement data is not stored on the mobile device).
  • Settings and control functions: Selected control functions allow you to start and stop the device, set the sampling interval and set alarm conditions
  • Remote control: The web server function of the GL840 or GL240 enables control and monitoring

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