Construction safety monitoring in underground parking

How to prevent the underground parking from collapsing

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A parking garage In the Netherlands collapsed at the end of 2017. This event emphasizes the importance of construction safety monitoring. Sensors are regularly used in the civil sector to improve safety, in this specific case the sensors can be used to prevent the construction pit from collapsing or water from entering the parking garage.

Our sensors can be used in the three building phases of an underground parking garage:

  • Construction pit monitoring
  • Permanent construction
  • Predictive maintenance

Installing of permanent construction

After placement of the construction pit and the excavating of it, the permanent construction will be installed. Conventional sensors such as potentiometers, pressure sensors and linear sensors with analog output can be used to ensure that the definitive construction is built according to the regulations. It is also possible to use fiber optic sensors, these sensors have the advantage that they guarantee years of accurate data without intermediate calibrations!

Predictive maintenance

After the construction, vibration sensors are often used to monitor whether the structure remains within specifications. This information is important for predictive maintenance. Fiber Optical cables are extremely suitable for this, because it has the advantage that several types of sensors can be connected to these sensors. This makes it possible to connect the cabling during the construction to vibration and force sensors and to replace it after the construction for linear sensors and pressure sensors.

The fiber optic sensors can be used in every construction phase.

Advantages of fiber optic sensors 

  • These sensors guarantee years of reading without intermediate calibration
  • Multiple types of sensors can be connected to fiber optic cables. Vibration and force sensors (during construction) can be replaced by linear sensors and pressure sensors (after construction).
  • Available with cables with a length above a km.
  • Fiber Optical characteristics such as EMI / RFI / MRI immune and continuous operation in a high temperature environment.
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