KA-RaceIng goes Michigan

Althen at KA-RaceIng’s Sponsor Day in Karlsruhe

In honor of KA-RaceIng’s Sponsor Day in November, ALTHEN and the other sponsors were invited to Karlsruhe to look back on the 2013 season, which was a resounding success for the KA-RaceIng Team.

The AGS4000 model is a winner

Althen’s contribution: various pressure sensors, type AGS4000. KA-RaceIng uses these sensors to measure brake pressures (in both the gas and battery powered racing cars).

Julius Vomhof of Team Michigan at the KA-RaceIng club – the club is based at KIT, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – was deeply grateful for the support.  The sponsors “have made an extraordinary season possible in 2013” and “are vital to the success of KA-RaceIng,” said Vomhof.

ALTHEN and motorsport

At ALTHEN, working together with motorsport teams and engineers is a matter of tradition. Joachim Ditthardt, regional sales director for southwest Germany and Switzerland, used to love riding his motorcycle across the desert. The veteran salesman has been on almost a dozen tours across the African continent, sometimes for weeks on end.

Thomas Richter, regional sales director for southeast Germany, told us about a racing series for which ALTHEN developed a pressure sensor years ago. The team using this system – as trusting first adapters – took it to the starting line “directly and without a test drive” and “went on to win every race by a huge margin,” said Richter. And it’s still a fond memory today!

In addition to these kinds of project partnership, the measurement experts at ALTHEN frequently supervise thesis projects and support various universities in the so-called Formula Student races by providing sensor technology, including Wolfsburg (WOB Racing Team) and Darmstadt (D.A.R.T. Racing Team).

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