Mobile Measuring System keeps helicopter in balance

Center of gravitiy measurement for helicopters

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Helicopters have two main center of gravity points. In flight operation the center of gravity affects the flight characteristics and the fuel consumption of the helicopter. When servicing or removing aggregates, the center of gravity must be monitored so the helicopter won’t tilt. For this purpose we developed a mobile measuring system for the determination of the center of gravity of helicopters.

Strain Gauge Load Cells & Dataloggers

Our Mobile Measurement Solution consists of two suitcases:

  • The first suitcase includes data acquisition with a 10-channel Data Logger, the terminals for the Sstrain Gauge Load Cells as well as a voltage supply with normal voltage.
  • In the second case, there are three Load Cells with a nominal force of 20 kN and a linearity of 0.1%, the connection cables and the type-specific receptacle adapters.

For the measurement, you connect the helicopter through the adapters and the force sensors to a lifting device. The type-specific adapters ensure that the flight pattern is not damaged. The measuring system displays the results of the individual sensors as decimal numbers.

The mass center of the helicopter can then be calculated using the geometry of the measuring points and the three measured values. The measured values can either be stored in the data logger or stored on a USB stick and archived.

GL240 Compact Data Logger  |  All Compact Data Loggers  |  Graphtec Data Acquisition Systems


  • Mobile Lösung
  • Der Datenlogger kann auch aus dem Koffer entnommen und für weitere externe Messungen genutzt werden. Mit ihm können Spannungen, Temperaturen und Luftfeuchte erfasst werden.
  • Das gesamte Messsystem kann durch den Austausch der Kraftnehmer und Adapter an verschiedene Flugmuster angepasst werden. Somit bietet die Lösung über die spezifische Anwendung bei der Hubschrauberwartung hinaus vielfältige Einsatzmöglichkeiten.
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