Safety chains

Constant monitoring of safety chains on vehicle test beds

Vehicle test beds are subject to extreme conditions. The vehicles under examination can weigh several tons. To make sure they stay safely in place during testing, they are fastened with safety chains. These chains need to be monitored constantly to ensure the safety of people and equipment. Althen offers a system that can handle the tough conditions of vehicle test beds.

The system consists of four force sensors and an electronic control unit. The force sensors are integrated into the safety chain using shackles and towing rings, from where they send their signals to the control unit. The control unit is mounted on the wall in an IP65 rated dust- and waterproof enclosure. It is fitted with a wall mount as well as robust plug connectors for the electrical inputs.

Universally adjustable

The device features an integrated power supply (230 VAC). It has four strain gauge amplifiers with digital displays and and 4 to 20 mA analogue output.

The analogue signal can be connected to the control unit that monitors and controls the test bed. An optional digital output is available upon request. The transparent cover allows user-friendly data read-out on site.

The measuring system is available for various load ranges. This solution is particularly suitable for use in rough conditions and can nevertheless be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

Measuring system:

  • 4 TLL-10-10MCAB Force Sensors
  • 4 TLB amplifiers
  • WG/K-SG-4K-230-Z0010 wall-mount housing
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