Securing track stability

How to ensure long-term transport safety

Trams have become a vital part of the public transport system in many cities. However, the tracks need to be maintained on a regular basis to ensure long-term transport safety. An unstable track bed not only reduces safety, but also damages the pavement and causes unnecessary noise. Althen offers a Railway Displacement Measurement System for monitoring track movement.

These measurements require an extremely rugged and still flat casing that can be used in the limited space available underneath a tram. The Althen measurement system consists of two parts: A closed platform with adjustable feet, two integrated laser sensors, and a mirror for the vertical measurement axis as well as a box containing the electronics, the data logger, and the battery.

During measurement, the evaluation unit is placed right in the middle of the two tracks, and the sensor unit is placed directly next to the tracks. The measurement is then initiated via a wireless remote control.

Precise Measurement of Horizontal and Vertical Movements

The system measures how much the tracks move horizontally and vertically when a tram passes over. This information can be used to assess the quality and stability of the track bed.

Its measurement range is 50 millimeters with 0.1% linearity. The system can be used in temperatures between -10 °C and 50 °C, which covers even adverse weather conditions.

Railway Displacement Measurement System:

  • 2 laser-optic transducers
  • GL220-EU-KIT data logger
  • Housing for a GL220 data logger and GEH/PS-GL220 battery
  • FB-GEH/PS-GL220 remote control
  • TK-MIDI-4 transport case
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