Tilt Measurement System for antenna masts, radio telescopes or wind turbine blades

A high-precision tilt measurement system

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Aligning antenna masts and leveling platforms or machines often calls for extreme precision. This is made possible by high-precision two-axis tilt sensors that are rugged enough for harsh environments.

Antenna masts, radio telescopes, machines, or wind turbine blades: The all have to be precisely aligned for optimum operation. The measurement system from Althen can take care of this with great precision along two axes. The system consists of a control unit and a separate tilt unit in an IP65 rated dust- and waterproof aluminum  housing. Its measurements have a resolution of up to 6/10,000 degrees with 0.06% accuracy. The tilt range is +/- 3 °.

Precise and unique measurement system

The control unit is mounted in a transport case that is also IP65 rated. The device features an electronic crosshairs for rough adjustments and an LCD panel for the fine adjustment of the two measurement values.  The integrated heating and ventilation system allows outdoor applications in temperatures down to -20 °C. Thanks to the transparent lid, measurement data can be read without having to open the case.

Connections for external power supply (24DV) and the external sensor unit are on the side of the case. The sensor’s amplified signal carries over up to 35 meters. In addition, the system is fitted with a serial interface for connecting to a computer.

Measuring system:

  • Microprocessor-controlled tilt indication with additional crosshairs in a robust measuring case.
  • 2 AILSOC-3-L420 sensors for 2-axis tilt measurement
  • IP65 pressure cast aluminum housing
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