TD-01 Portable Digital Indicator

Digital indicator that connects with strain gauge based transducers

About the TD-01

TD-01 Portable is a digital indicator that connects with strain gauge based transducers. This unit displays input signals from transducers as an indicator value or graph display and features: Great visibility with color graphic LCD, high-speed processing A/D converter, indicator recording, interrupt check and support for TEDS.
The TD-01 is wonderfully portable and equipped to be highly functional with excellent cost-effectiveness.


  • Force Measurement in Resistance Welding
  • Force Measurement for Press Fitting
  • Pedal Force Measurement

Features of the TD-01

  • High-performance color graphic LCD screen
  • Waveform & bar meter display function
  • TEDS function (Automatic calibration)
  • Indicator value list
  • Static Strain Disp. Mode
  • Interrupt Check
  • Dual Input
  • Dual language Support (English and Japanese)
  • Multiple power supply system
  • D/A output



Compatible sensors
Strain gauge transducer
Signal input terminals
Round connector(NDIS7P)/terminal bank(connect only one at a time)
Excitation Voltage
DC, 2.5 V ±5% (30mA maximum current)
Signal input range
±5 mV/V
D/A output
± 2V
Calibration range
0.3 mV/V – 5.0 mV/V
Calibration precision
Within 0.1% F.S. (when using a 1m standard TEAC Φ8, 6-core shielded cable with 350Ω impedance, when 5mV/V)
Within 0.01% F.S. + 1 digit (when 5mV/V)
Zero drift
Within 0.5 μV/°C (input conversion value)
Gain drift
0.005%/ºC or less
A/D conversion
1000 times/second, 24-bit
Output voltage
±2.0 V
70.16μV typ
0.02% F.S. or less
Power supply
4 alkaline or NiMH AA batteries USB bus power (built-in Micro-USB B connector)
Operating temperature range
0℃ to 40℃
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