PAX-2S 1/8 DIN Strain Gauge Input Panel Meter

For a wide range of industrial applications


About the PAX-2S

The PAX2S Strain Gage Panel Meter offers many features and performance capabilities to suit a wide range of industrial applications. The PAX2S has a strain gage input to handle various types of bridge configurations including load cell, pressure and torque sensors. The optional plug-in output cards allow the opportunity to configure the meter for present applications, while providing easy upgrades for future needs.

Highlighting the PAX2S is a dual line, display with a large 0.71", tri-color 6 digit top display line and a 0.35", 9 digit green bottom display line. The meter also offers programmable units display, providing capability to tag the display with units of measure. Display color change capability provides machine operators a visual display of changing conditions, even when the operator is not close enough to read the actual display value. In addition, a universal power supply provides the ultimate in flexibility for both AC and DC power.

The meter provides a MAX and MIN reading memory with programmable capture time. The capture time is used to prevent detection of false max or min readings which may occur during start-up or unusual process events. The signal totalizer (integrator) can be used to compute a time-input product. This can be used to provide a readout of totalized weight or calculate service intervals of motors, pumps, etc.

The meter has up to four setpoint outputs, implemented on plug-in option cards. The plug-in cards provide dual FORM-C relays, quad FORM-A, or either quad sinking or quad sourcing open collector logic outputs. The setpoint alarms can be configured to suit a variety of control and alarm requirements.

The PAX2 can be programmed to utilize Modbus protocol. With Modbus, the user has access to all configuration parameters. Readout values and setpoint alarm values can be controlled through the bus. Additionally, the meter has a feature that allows a remote computer to directly control the outputs of the meter. Communication and bus capabilities are also available as option cards. These include RS232, RS485, DeviceNet, and Profibus-DP.


Connection Type: 4-wire bridge (differential); 2-wire (single-ended) Common Mode Range (with respect to input common): 0 to +5 VDC
High compression cage-clamp terminal block Wire Strip Length: 0.3" (7.5 mm) Wire Gauge Capacity: One 14 AWG (2.55 mm) solid, two 18 AWG (1.02 mm or four 20 AWG (0.61 mm)
This unit is rated NEMA 4X/IP65 for indoor use only. IP20 Touch safe. Installation Category II, Pollution Degree 2. One piece bezel/ case. Flame resistant. Synthetic rubber keypad. Panel gasket and mounting clip included.
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