DI-718B Data Acquisition System

Datalogger for 8B amplifier which records to SD-cards (8 channels)

About the DI-718B Data Acquisition System

DATAQ Instruments’ DI-718B Series is a four-product family of instruments designed for general purpose and stand- alone data logging applications that require signal conditioning. Interface options are USB or Ethernet. DI-718B instruments may also be purchased with or without stand-alone capability. Instruments without this option must remain tethered to a PC’s USB or Ethernet port during data acquisition and use the PC’s own program and memory to store acquired data. Instruments with the stand-alone data logging option feature a built-in socket that accepts standard Secure Digital (SD) memories to which acquired data may be stored. SD memories are the same commonly available mass storage devices used with digital cameras and MP3 players.
Compact and low cost DI-8B amplifiers may be plugged directly into the DI- 718B and are the world’s smallest fully functional isolated analog signal conditioners. Each DI-8B module protects, filters, amplifies, and isolates an input signal and provides an advanced signal conditioning solution for nearly any industrial measurement. The compact nature of both the DI-718B and DI-8B modules combine to form the smallest data logger/acquisition instrument in its class.
All DI-718B instruments are supplied with dual, removable, 16-position screw terminal connectors to provide access to the built-in DI-8B module backplane. Instruments are housed in a small (13.81D × 10.48W × 3.81 centimeters; 5 ⁷⁄16 D × 4 ¹⁄8 W × 1 ¹⁄2 H inches) enclosure consisting of an aluminum base, all-steel wraparound, and aluminum end plates.

Key features DI-718B

  • Stand-alone data logger option allows data to be saved to removable SD memory
  • Accepts 8 fully isolated DI-8B plug-in amplifiers
  • Sample rates from 0.0017Hz up to 14,400Hz
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