DI-161 Data Logger

LAN-based Event Data Logger

About the DI-161 Data Logger

Event, State and Count Data Logger:

Model DI-161 is a data logging device that records accurate information about electromechanical-based operation and performance. The instrument applies one of three modes to automate the measurement of process activity:

  • Events – when something happened
  • States – how long something happened
  • Counts – how many happened

In general applications the DI-161 acts as a state change and on/off data logger. Examples include the reporting of activity involving motors, pumps, fans, refrigeration units, flow sensors, and more. In a more narrow sense the DI-161 can develop a complete picture that describes all the variables needed to quantify overall equipment effectiveness (OEE):

  • Actual operating time
  • Actual production rate
  • Total units produced
  • Defective units produced

In many applications a range of existing control signals may be paralleled with the DI-161 to derive desired OEE metrics. For example, if power is applied to a machine whenever it is available for production, that same signal can be applied to a DI-161 channel and configured for the State mode to allow the DI-161 to report Actual Operating Time. Likewise, a sensor that produces a pulse when a completed part is ejected by a machine can be applied to a channel configured for the Count mode to derive Total Units Produced and Actual Production Rate. The flexibility of the DI-161 allows an almost endless range and combination of measured metrics.
The DI-161 is an Ethernet-based, eight-channel, DIN rail-mounted device that can be easily configured without programming to monitor any process. Its eight channels accommodate signal isolators (not included) that allow you to connect the DI-161 to virtually any process signal type with complete safety, from 24- to 280-Vrms/VDC control signals.
Each DI-161 channel can be independently enabled or disabled. Channels may also be configured to detect an event, state, or count on either the rising or falling edge, so the DI-161 adapts to your process requirements and not the other way around. Results from all enabled channels are reported continuously, each with a time and date stamp, at a configurable report interval that ranges from once every 100 mS to once every 198 days in 4 mS increments. And expansion is easy with the DI-161. A built-in Ethernet interface allows the DI-161 to easily integrate with existing LAN access points, and permits multiple DI-161s in any number to be deployed wherever and whenever they are needed.

Key features DI-161

  • Measures how long, how many, and when events occur
  • Perfect as an OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) data logger
  • Adapts to a wide range of signal types
  • LAN-based for easy deployment, singularly or in groups
  • Includes server-side software to aggregate and report results
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