DI-730 Data Acquisition System

Data acquisition system with 24 channels, 8 of them with wide range

About the DI-730 Data Acquisition System

The DI-730 Series is a family of instruments that offer 14-bit resolution and 150-200 kHz waveform recording capability. They communicate through your PC's parallel port or an optional Ethernet or USB interface.
Use the DI-730 for wide dynamic range measurements, especially those involving AC or DC electric motors. Examples include paper, aluminum, and steel mills; high speed trains; and rail and seagoing locomotion. The high sample rate, exceptional isolation, and CMR characteristics of the DI-730 make it very well suited for maintenance and troubleshooting of DC drive systems. Other applications include RPM measurements from motor/generators, supply voltage and current measurements, and field current measurements from drive-roll, braking, and take-up motors.
The Ethernet communication option connects DI-730 Series products to any local area network (LAN). Direct Internet access is also possible. This patent-pending communication option uses standard CAT-5 cable to yield continuous data acquisition throughput rates up to 180 kHz. Multiple DI-730 products (each equipped with an Ethernet interface) may be daisy-chained together to form an ad-hoc extended network of autonomous, yet fully synchronous data acquisition stations. Each station can sample at a different rate (up to 180 kHz throughput) and still maintain full synchronization. Station separation can be as far as 100 meters.

DI-730 Offers Isolation, Wide Dynamic Measurement Range

  • The 8-channel DI-730 Series features a measurement range of ±10mV to ±1000VDC (or peak AC) over six gain ranges with ±1000V channel-to-channel and input-to-output isolation. Replace entire racks of isolation amps, high and low voltage amps, and data acquisition subsystems with one, portable, lightweight instrument. Channel-to-channel isolation protects delicate control circuits, computer equipment, and personnel from high common mode voltages.

Printer Port, USB, or Ethernet Interface

  • DI-730 instruments are available with printer port, Ethernet, and universal serial bus (USB) communication interfaces. All instruments have a 25-pin male printer port connector for EPP, bidirectional, or standard mode parallel port communication with your PC. Options add Ethernet communication capability with a RJ45 connector, or a USB port for universal serial bus communication. The optional communication interfaces sacrifice the standard PP mode and cannot be used concurrently with the printer port.

Synchronized Distributed Ethernet Data Acquisition

  • Daisy chain multiple DI-720 and/or DI-730 Ethernet units for a fully synchronous distributed Ethernet data acquisition system.

Burst Sampling A/D

  • Connect to DC or near DC signals like temperature, generator-based RPM, or other slow process variables. Sample rates well into the sub-Hertz range are possible. Use for high speed applications such as modulated DC drives and other AC waveform situations.

High Resolution Capability

  • DI-730 instruments apply 14 bits of resolution to your measurement task.

Easy to Connect & Use

  • All instruments connect in seconds to your PC's parallel port, Ethernet connector, or USB port.

WinDaq Software Included

  • WinDaq/Lite is free with the purchase of every instrument. WinDaq/Lite is restricted to a maximum throughput of 240 Hz when recording to disk (when 2 or more channels are enabled). Increase record-to-disk rates with WinDaq/Pro or WinDaq/Pro+. Use WinDaq Waveform Browser (free) to review, measure, compare, and analyze the waveform file after it has been recorded by WinDaq acquisition software.

Key features DI-730

  • For Electric Motor/Generator Maintenance, and Troubleshooting in Mills, Locomotion, and DC
  • Drive System Applications
  • Standard Printer Port, Optional USB or Ethernet Interface
  • 14-Bit Resolution
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