DI-160 Data Logger

Event, state and count data logger

About the DI-160 Data Logger

The DI-160 features programmable capture modes to detect events (when the events happen), states (how long between events) and counts (how many events). An internal real time clock provides time and date stamping for each captured quantity, and storage is accomplished to a removable SD-style memory card.

Data storage format is comma-separated value (CSV) so recorded files are human-readable and easily imported to other applications like Microsoft Excel.

The DI-160 features eight input channels split between four high voltage and four low voltage types. The high voltage channels may be connected to any ±300 V or 230 VAC rms source and feature input-to-output and channel-to-channel isolation of 500 VDC or ±250 V peak AC. The four low voltage inputs are internally pulled-up and may be used to detect activity from switch closures, TTL-level signals, or DC levels up to 30 Volts.

A USB interface is provided to allow the DI-160 to be configured for measurements. The unit can be powered by an AC adaptor or an internal rechargeable battery. Three status LEDs are provided: USB interface detected, sampling, and battery charging.

Key features DI-160

  • Logs when, how long, and how many times events occur
  • Eight measurement channels
  • Isolated high voltage inputs
  • Removable, SD-style memory
  • Four Measurement Modes
  • Built-in USB Interface
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