DSA3207-PTP | DSA3307-PTP Pressure Scanner

Digital sensor array

About the DSA3207-PTP | DSA3307-PTP Pressure Scanner

The DSA3200/3300-PTP series pressure acquisition systems represent the next generation of multi-point electronic pressure scanning. Model DSA3207/3307-PTP Digital Sensor Array, incorporates 2 to 16 temperature compensated media isolated piezoresistive pressure sensors.

All data acquisition, data conversion and communications tasks are handled by the integrated A/D converters and processor. This combination provides easy setup, simple operation and long term reliability. The result is a network ready intelligent pressure scanning module for “all media” service.

The microprocessor compensates for environmental temperature changes and performs engineering unit conversion. Pressure data outputs the data in either ASCII or Binary format over the Ethernet network TCP/IP or UDP. The DSA-PTP can be setup by the user and all configuration variables can be set over the same Ethernet connection.

Key features DSA3207-PTP | DSA3307-PTP

  • Intelligent pressure modules
  • “Network Ready” Ethernet TCP/IP, FTP, & UDP
  • 850 samples/channel/second EU
  • 0 – 1500 psi pressure range
  • Temperature compensated sensors
  • Liquid pressure measurement (psid, psig, psia)
  • IEEE1588-2008v2 PTP compliant• “All Media” compatibility

Applications DSA3207-PTP | DSA3307-PTP

  • Turbine and diesel engine tests
  • Liquid measurement
  • Industrial pressure measurement where long calibration intervals are required and temperatures can vary greatly


Measurement Range
0 - 70 mbar to 0 - 100 bar (0 - 1 to 0 - 1500 psi)
0.12 - 0.5 %
Pressure Type
gauge, absolute, differential
Output [Supply Voltage]
Ethernet [20 - 36 VDC]
Inputs (Px)
2 up to 32 1/8 inch Swagelok®stainless steel fittings
16 bit
Scan Rate
850 samples/channel/sec EU
Operating Temperature
0 – 60° C (-20 to 60° C with heater)
Compensated Temperature
0 – 69° C
Media Compatibility
Water, fuel oil, lubricating oils on sense side only of transducers
Wetted Parts
300 series stainless steel
Standard internal O-rings
DSA3207-PTP: 4.31 kg (With 8 ea. DSA3007/2LPx installed), DSA3307-PTP: 7.03 kg (With 8 ea. DSA3307/2DLPx installed)
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