FDIMR Back-to-Back Gauge

Electronic gauge designed for measuring the back-to-back distance of wheels

About the FDIMR Back-to-Back Gauge

The electronic back-to-back distance measuring gauge is created for contactless measurement of back-to-back distance between railway wheels during repair, examination, check-ups and formation of the wheel sets. This gauge measures directly on rolling stock, therefore roll-out of the wheel set is unnecessary. 

Features FDIMR Back-to-Back Measuring Gauge

  • Measures back-to-back distance
  • Without wheelset roll-out
  • For various measurement ranges
  • Accuracy: ± 0,1 mm
  • LED display
  • Including calibration certificate


Measurement range
L+25mm (L - nominal distance)
Measurement error
Indication discreteness
0.1mm or 0.01 inch
Build-in, LED
Operating temperature
-5°С to +40°С
(L+137mm) x 124mm x 22mm
Power supply
Rechargeable batteries 2xAAA, 1.2V
Connection to PC
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