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MC-IP LVDT & RVDT Amplifiers

Single channel LVDT/RVDT amplifier

About the LVDT & RVDT Amplifiers MC-IP

The MC-IP-xxx-010 / MC-IP-xxx-B10 / MC-IP-xxx-420 LVDT die-casting enclosure signal conditioner module is a DC-powered LVDT signal conditioner with galvanical isolation between power supply and output signal. The module supplies AC sine wave excitation to the LVDT and then demodulates and amplifies the LVDT output. A full-wave synchronous demodulator minimizes quadrature output and the waiving of dc-dc converter maximizes noise rejection. The module consists of a carrier oscillator, AC amplifier, demodulator, filter and DC amplifier. The LVDT excitation frequency is factory pre-set to 4,3 kHz. As alternative carrier frequencies are 5 and 11 kHz available
on request. The factory default setting for LVDT drive voltage is app. 2.1 volts rms. Other LVDT drive voltages are available on request. The internal gain range is set to provide position output signals of 0-10 V DC or+/- 10 V DC or 4-20 mA. A internal span trimmer potentiometer is provided for precise control of span output. This should be used carefully and only after complete reading and understanding this manual.



Supply Voltage
10-18 VDC 18-30 VDC
0-10 V ±10 V 4-20 mA
Galv. Isolat.
EMC aluminium die-cast enclosure IP65
Dimens. [mm]
175 x 80 x 57
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