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MP2000 Amplifiers

Dual channel LVDT readout / controller

About the MP2000 Amplifiers

The MP-2000 is a dual channel, microprocessor based readout and set-point controller designed for industrial and process control applications utilizing any LVDT/RVDT-based measurement device. In addition to displaying real-time readings of LVDTs, RVDTs and gage heads, the MP2000 is also capable of displaying values such as MIN, MAX, TIR (Total Indicated Run-out), A+B (sum of two channels) and A-B (difference between two channels). A 17-bit analog-to-digital converter provides excellent performance and resolution, while a standard 9- pin RS-232 communications interface provides serial data output to a PLC or PC COM port.

The MP-2000 features four user-programmable, opto-isolated, open-collector set-point outputs, which can be used to monitor any display parameter. Any combination of high or low set-points may be selected, while programmable high and low hysteresis values may be used to create ‘set-point dead band’ for prevention of control relay chatter. An optional ‘Relay Board’ with a current handling capability of 5A per relay is available and highly recommended.
A front panel pushbutton permits auto-zeroing (tare) over the full range. Auto-calibration eliminates calculation of slope or gain factors. All calibration and setup parameters are stored in nonvolatile memory for retention on power down or interruption. The zero and min/max reset functions can be hard wired for remote control. The large, easy to read, bit-mapped display provides user-friendly, menu driven prompts for simple push-button system setup, calibration, and monitoring of inprocess measurement parameters. A real-time scaled analog output, proportional to the digital readout is provided for each LVDT/RVDT channel. An RS-232 output is provided for data transfer to a computer at 1200 to 19.2K baud.


Key features MP2000

  • Versatile dual channel display
  • Software selectable gain and excitation
  • 4 user-programmable set-points with LED indicators
  • Master/Slave sync input/output for multiple MP-2000s
  • Remote zero and min/max reset
  • Rugged extruded aluminum housing

Applications MP2000

  • Pass/fail part sorting
  • Concentricity/roundness gaging
  • Press cycle control
  • Part classification
  • Material thickness measurement
  • Industrial process Control




Supply Voltage
100-240 VAC 47-63 Hz
0-10 V ±5 V RS232
¼DIN panel enclosure, desktop unit
Dimens. [mm]
99 x 99 x 180
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