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MCH-P | MCH-P5 Amplifiers

MCH hybrid electronics for inductive transducers

About the MCH-P | MCH-P5 Amplifiers

The MCH-P oscillator coupled with an LVDT or ½ bridge transducer provides a channel of measurement delivering a voltage output (±10 V nom.). With an external input voltage, it is possible to have a shift in order to obtain a 0 V to 10 V output.


Key features MCH-P | MCH-P5

  • Hybrid technology: compact and reliable module
  • Oscillator and demodulator outputs protected against short circuits
  • Easy to use: few external components
  • Small size: SIL16 housing
  • Possibility of vertical or horizontal mounting by bending the pins to 90°
  • Synchro input for multi-channel applications
  • Synchronous demodulator
  • 400 Hz filter: response time <2 ms
  • Low output noise: <5 mVrms

Applications MCH-P | MCH-P5

The MCH-XX module is made of 3 sub-components:

  • 3,5 & 5 KHz oscillator
  • Synchronous demodulator
  • Low pass filter (third order 400 Hz Butterworth type)

Gain and zero are adjustable. This module is a conditioner for all inductive sensor types (LVDT, RVDT, half Bridge)



Supply Voltage
±15 VDC
±10 VDC
Hybrid board
Dimens. [mm]
40.6 x 17.2 (24.2) x 3
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