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TD-700T Digital Indicator

Digital indicator to measure and display physical quantity such as load, pressure and torque

About the TD-700T

TD-700T is a digital indicator to measure and display physical quantity such as load, pressure, and torque working with strain gauge transducer. Color graphic LCD display, high-speed sampling, TEDS function (IEEE1451.4 class 2 mix mode interface compliance) and various hold functions are combined into this compact panel mount display (1/8 DIN size). The TD-700T provides the best performance in the various scenes.


  • Press loading control of press fitting
  • Management of tip press load of SMT nozzle

Features of the TD-700T

  • High performance color graphic LCD Screen
  • High-speed processing
  • TEDS function(Automatic Calibration)
  • Static Strain Disp. Mode
  • Waveform & Bar meter display function
  • Variety of data hold function
  • CC-Link / RS-485 option
  • User friendly warnings
  • Remote Sense Function
  • Zero Position Bar Graph Settings
  • Compact body




Bridge Voltage
10V DC, 2.5 V ±10% (30mA current maximum, remote sense can be used)
Signal input range
±3.2 mV/V
Calibration range
0.3 mV/V–3.2 mV/V
Calibration precision
Within 0.1% F.S. (when using a 1m standard TEAC Φ8, 4-core shielded cable with 350Ω impedance, 10V BV and 0.5mV/V or greater setting)
Within 0.01% F.S. + 1 digit (when input is 1 mV/V or greater)
Zero drift
Within 0.5 μV/°C (input conversion value)
Gain drift
Within ±0.005% F.S./°C
A/D conversion
24-bit, 4000 times per second, 20000 times per second (fast sampling mode)
D/A output
4000 times per second, isolated output, ±1–±10V voltage output (set in 1V steps) and about 1/59000 resolution (when set to ±10V), or 4–20mA current output and about 1/43000 resolution
Operating temperature range
0°C – 40°C
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