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SG-1K-KA | SG-2K-KA | SG-1K-EK | SG-2K-EK Strain Gauge Amplifiers

Single or Dual channel strain gauge amplifier as plug-in unit or euroboard

About the SG-1K-KA | SG-2K-KA | SG-1K-EK | SG-2K-EK Strain Gauge Amplifiers

The single/dual channel strain gauge amplifier in a 19“-plug-in module is designed for installation into a 19“ rack and allows supply and signal amplification of 1 or 2 strain gauge transducers. The connection of the transducers, which should have a full bridge resistance greater than 300 ohms, can be done in 4-wire technology or, by using of a long connection cable or a variable length of connection cable, in 6-wire technology. For further evaluation standard analogue outputs / channels are available. For additional measuring value presentation, option –DA offers a 3 ½ digit display/channel. The amplification of the amplifier can be adapted by an internal precision resistance. The potentiometers Z(x) (Zero) and G(x) (Gain), which are accessible via the front, allow a calibration correction for each channel.

By means of an internal dip counter / channel (-2K-), a change of the potentiometer Zx (zero) range can be achieved. To allow a zero range shift, a basic load / tare can be suppressed electrically with a resistance.


Key features SG-1K-KA | SG-2K-KA | SG-1K-EK | SG-2K-EK

  • Supply voltage ±15 VDC regulated / 10 - 18 VDC / 18 - 30 VDC
  • Analogue output 0 - 10 V / ±10 V
  • Version -EK: Euroboard design Version -KA: Cartridge case with EMC frontplate



Number of measuring channels
1 (SG-1K-…) Full bridge resistance >300 Ω | 2 (SG-2K-…) Full bridge resistance >300 Ω
Supply voltage
±15 VDC regulated, 10 - 18 VDC, 18 - 30 VDC, electronics protected against reversal voltage (only with version -12E- and -24E-)
Isolating proof voltage input to output
200 V, higher isolated proof voltage on request
Power consumption
max. 8
Strain gauge excitation supply
±2.5 VDC / ±5 VDC
Analog output
0 - 10 V / ±10 V, max. 1 mA (short-period short-circuit proof)
Limit frequency (-3 dB)
1 kHz, optional up to 30 kHz
Input resistance
>3 MΩ
Max. input sensitivity
100 mV/V at ±5 VDC excitation supply
±0.05 % FSO
Electrical connection
VG-pinboard 64-pin, a+c, DIN 41612 (German Institute for Standardization), BNC connector on front-plate
Euroboard-design (Version -EK-), 19“-plug-in module (Version -KA-)
Installation depth
160 mm, installation depth
7TE/3HE (Version -15B-), 10TE/3HE (Version -12E, Version -24E-), 14TE/3HE (Version –DA)
Max. 500 g, depending on FP-Version
Temperature, storage
-20 … +60 °C
Temperature, operating
0 to +50 °C
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