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Conventional Multi-hole Probes

Three,- five- and seven-hole probes

About the conventional Multi-hole Probes

Conventional Multi-Hole Probes are proficient in measuring flow speed and direction with high accuracy. These fundamental flow measurement tools can be manufactured in multiple configurations and geometries including straight, L-shaped, cobra and eccentric ferrule racetrack geometries, with conical, faceted, or hemispherical tips.
A complete flow data system is available by pairing our Multi-Hole Probe with our data acquisition system and our AeroFlow Data Reduction software. When the probe is inserted into the flow, the pressures measured at each port are interpreted by our pressure­to-velocity reduction software to report magnitude and direction of the flow velocity vector with respect to the probe, as weil as static and total pressure.


Key features conventional Multi-hole Probes

  • Tip Diameters as small as 1.59 mm
  • Temperature ratings up to 500 C
  • Probe calibrations from 5 m/s to Mach 2.0
  • 2000 calibration points
  • NIST-Traceable calibrations and specialized calibrations available
  • Custom engineering solutions available
  • Average measured angular deviation of <1 °
  • Average measured velocity deviations of 1 % or ± m/s


Applications conventional Multi-hole Probes

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Turbomachinery
  • Wind turbine
  • Wind tunnel testing


Angle error
± 1°
Velocity error
<1% or 1m/s, (whichever is larger)
Thermodynamic Data
Reference Pressure, Total Temperature
Flow Cone Angle of Receptivity
30° (3HP), 50° (5HP), 70° (7HP) NOTE: This is not directly related to the conical angle of the tip
Calibration Flow Speeds
5 m/s to Mach 2.0
Frequency Response
Standard: <50 Hz
Standard: Non-Reactive Gases, Water
Temperature Measurement
Optional: Thermocouple
Probe Geometry
Straight, Cobra, L-Shaped, Drilled Elbow
Number of Holes
3, 5, 7
Tip Geometry
Standard: 60° Conical
Tip Diameter
Standard: 3.18 mm, Optional: 1.59 mm, 2.38 mm, 6.35 mm
300 Series Stainless Steel Construction, Including Shafts and Internal Tubing
Pneumatic Connection
Exit Tubing of 1.02 mm (0.040” ) OD with Tubulation
Standard: Hex Prism, Optional: Rectangular Prism, Cylindrical with Flat
Probe Reference
Flat on Hex Mount
Flow Temp. Limits
Standard: 0 – 500°C
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