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FDK-124 Wheel Diameter Gauge

Specifically for LightRail

About the FDK-124 Wheel Diameter Gauge

The electronic wheel diameter measuring gauge is designed for high precision measurement of the wheel rolling circle diameter. Based on laser technology the gauge measures accurate and direct on rolling stock without having to roll-out the wheelset. The LED- display shows the wheel diameter with an accuracy of 100 microns. This version is specifically for LightRail (trams and metros).

Features FDK-124 Wheel Diameter Gauge

  • Small design, fits narrow spaces around wheels
  • Specifically for LightRail (trams and metros)
  • Without having to roll-out wheelset
  • For various diameters and ranges
  • Taper-line to be defined
  • Accuracy: ± 0,1 mm
  • LED Display, on side of choice
  • Including Bluetooth & Software
  • Including Calibration Certificate
  • Including Protective Case
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