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Aardbeving Detectie Veiligheidssysteem

Earthquake detection safety measurement to protect high explosion risk systems

About the Earthquake Detection Safety System

This system can be used as a safety measurement for explosion sensitive systems in environments with potential risk of earthquakes. The Earthquake Detection Safety System is capable of detecting earthquakes while distinguishing them from ordinary vibrations, such as heavy trucks passing by. It can be used for systems that need to be shut down when heavy tremors can start to cause damage and the explosion risk increases.

By using a 3-axis acceleration sensor the system is able to measure the acceleration in XYZ directions, which can be defined by the customer. Parameters such as frequency-timing and amplitude can be adjusted to fit the application of the safety system.

Features Earthquake Detection System

  • (Light) earthquake detection
  • Adjustable parameters: frequency-timing and amplitude
  • Definable filtering and peak detection
  • Outdoor usage

Applications for Earthquake Detection System

  • Hydrogen generator shutdown in case of emergency
  • Customer specific applications

Please contact one of our experts if interested in our safety system solutions to discuss a suitable solution for specific needs.


Measurement range
±0,1 g
Frequency range
0 - 20 Hz
Supply voltage
20 - 28 VDC
3 potential-free switching contacts (max 30VDC / 0.5A) with retention time
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