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HS-GL-20 Helikopter Weegsysteem

Designed to measure the center of gravity in helicopters during maintenance procedures

About the HS-GL-20 Helicopter Weighing System

The HS-GL-20 is designed to measure the center of gravity in helicopters during maintenance procedures. The helicopter is placed on the load cells, each with a specific adaptor for the helicopter lifting joint.

The whole system is distributed over two easy to use cases. The black one containing the load cells, cable adaptors and accessories and the orange case containing the electronics and the datalogger.

The load cells are connected to the orange colored case which contains the amplifiers and datalogger unit. Using the datalogger measurements and readings of each single load cell and the sum of all load cells are made to detect the center of gravity. The system consists of 5 channels. Channels 1-3 are used for loadcell signal, channel 4 is the sum of channels 1-3 and channel 5 is a spare channel.

It is possible to use set points showing the values as decimal numbers or as a graph on the display of the datalogger.

For helicopters with lower or higher curb weights it is possible to change the load cells to the desired ranges. Alternatively a light version of the weighing system can be used. It uses a digital indicator for the reading of the values of the load cells instead of a datalogger for displaying and storing data.


  • 3 load cells with a 20kN range and a linearity of 0.1%
  • 3 cables 6m
  • 3 adaptors for helicopter
  • 2 protection cases
  • 5 channel system
  • Datalogger with 10 channels, removable

Applications for HS-GL-20

  • Detecting center of gravity in helicopters
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