Embedded Gyroscoopsensoren

Gyroscopen zonder behuizing voor ingesloten toepassingen.

4 producten gevonden

CRH02 Gyroscope (unpackaged)

Compact, high performance single axis gyroscope, providing outstanding stability with low noise
Measurement range25°/s, ±100°/s, ±200°/s, ±400°/s
Signal80mV/(º/s), 20mV/(º/s), 10mV/(º/s), 5mV/(º/s)
Bandwith50 Hz
100 Hz
Bias Instability0.12°/hr (100°/s)

CRS07 Gyroscope (unpackaged)

Robust and affordable miniature gyroscope for applications in which space is critical
Measurement range±100°/s, ±573°/s
Signal20mV/(°/s), 3.49mV/(°/s)
Bandwith10 Hz (-3 dB), > 30 Hz (-3dB)
Non-Linearity<±0.5 %

CRM100 | CRM200 Gyroscope

PinPoint® - precision navigation and pointing gyroscope
Measurement range±75°/s, ±150°/s, ±300°/s, ±900°/s
Signal12mV/(º/s), 6mV/(º/s), 3mV/(º/s), 1mV/(º/s)
up to 160Hz (-3dB)160 Hz
Bias Instability12°/hr
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