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CRS09 Gyroscoop

High quality silicon MEMS gyro enabling best-in-class performance for demanding applications

About the CRS09 Gyroscope

A new design of silicon MEMS gyro combined with high-quality discrete electronics, enabling best-in-class perfor-mance for demanding applications. Low noise and outstanding stability make this the sensor of choice for applications where a fibre-optic gyro would have been the preferred solution.
The CRS09 offers a new choice for users who have integrated the now-discontinued VSG into their products.
Applications include closed-loop stabilisation, precision fight instrumentation (including high-performance AHRS) and other applications where low noise is a priority.
Temperature stability is excellent however, for the highest possible performance, both internal temperature and silicon ring frequency data are provided as additional outputs These allow very accurate determination of the temperature characteristics of the sensor, such that a designer can apply his own temperature compensation scheme.
Whatever your application, the unique and patented silicon ring technology gives advanced and stable performance over time and temperature, overcoming mount sensitivity problems associated with simple beam or tuning fork based sensors.

Key features CRS09

  • Best-in-class performance
  • Low noise
  • High stability over temperature
  • Provision for temperature compensation
  • FOG-like performance
  • Two rate ranges, two performance choices for each


Measurement Range
±100°/s, ±200°/s
20 mV/(°/s), 10 mV/(°/s)
Supply Voltage
4.75 to 5.25 VDC
0.1 %
typ. 55 Hz
Bias Instability
0.7°/hr, 1.3°/hr
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