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ALF301 Low Range Stylus Krachtsensor

Integrale overbelasting stopt om te beschermen tegen overbelasting in de verticale as

About the ALF301 Low Range Stylus Force Sensor

The ALF301 is a compact bending beam loadcell for low range force measurements. Its small diameter eases mounting problems in existing systems. All standard bi-directional loadcells are calibrated in both modes.

The loadcell has integral overload stops to protect against overloading in the vertical axis. Torsional loads about the longitudinal axis may damage the loadcell.

We are happy to design variants of this loadcell to meet your specific requirements.
Versions can be manufactured for higher temperature operation. Please consult our engineering department.

Features ALF301

  • Low range stylus loadcell
  • Full load range: 1 - 3N
  • Tension, compression and bi-directional
  • Rated output rationalised: 2mV/V
  • Non-lin./hysteresis: 0.1/0.1% RL
  • Dimensions (mm): Ø12 x 90

All standard ranges are manufactured in aluminium. When this loadcell is rationalised the resistors are housed in a capsule located in the loadcell cable 100mm from the free end. Capsule dimensions are Ø10mm by 57mm.

1. AL = Applied load. 3. Temperature coefficients apply over the compensated range.
2. RL = Rated load. 4. The load must be applied directly through the central loading axis.

The loadcell is fitted with 2 metres of PVC insulated 4 core screened cable type 7-1-4C.
Excitation + = Red Signal + = Yellow Screen = Orange
Excitation - = Blue Signal - = Green
Reverse the signal connections to obtain a positive signal in tension mode. The screen is not connected to the loadcell body.


Measurement range
1N, 3N
Non-linearity - Terminal
±0.1% RL
±0.1% RL
Creep - 20 minutes
±0.05% AL
±0.03% RL
Rated output - Nominal
Rated output - Rationalised
Load direction
Tension, compression, bi-directional
Rationalisation tolerance (applies to single direction calibrations)
0.5% RL
Zero load output
±8% RL
Temperature effect on rated output per °C
±0.005% AL
Temperature effect on zero load output per °C
±0.01% RL
Temperature range - Compensated
-10 to +50°C
Temperature range - Safe
-10 to +80°C
Excitation voltage - Recommended
Excitation voltage - Maximum
Bridge resistance
350 Ω
Insulation resistance - Minimum at 50Vdc
Overload - Safe
20% RL
Overload - Ultimate
100% RL
Weight - Nominal (excluding cable)
18 to 20g
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