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ALF320 Moment Rejecting Krachtsensor

Heavy-duty variant op de ocular bending beam load cell

ALF320 Moment Rejecting Krachtsensor | Althen Sensors

About the ALF320 Moment Rejecting Force Sensor

The ALF320 is a heavy duty variant on the binocular bending beam loadcell. It is intended for pure force measurement, but targeted at applications involving large moments/moment arms. The loadcell is designed to be bolted to a large, flat surface and used as a bracket to support a cantilever beam. A cantilever bracket loadcell can be used at both ends to fully support the beam, provided thermal expansion is allowed for somewhere in the system. The ALF320 can also be mounted against a floor or ceiling plate to act as a strut support in much the same way. The ALF320 is able to support large sideloads without effecting measurements.

The binocular bending beam construction has good moment immunity resulting in very small errors for changes in the force application point. This point may vary not only in terms of distance along the cantilever beam, but also in a manner that would apply a small torque around the axis of the beam. Although the loadcell is compensated for induced errors, there is a maximum supported moment for each range. Standard FLF320 loadcells can withstand full rated load at half a metre full cantilever. It is important to contact our engineering department to discuss loadcell selection to suit any load application or range.

Features ALF320

  • Moment rejection cantilever bracket type
  • Full load range: 5 - 50kN
  • Tension, compression and bi-directional
  • Rated output rationalised: 1mV/V
  • Non-lin./hysteresis: 0.05/0.05% RL
  • High structural stiffness


ALF320 Moment Rejecting Force Sensor
5kN, 10kN, 50kN
Non-linearity - Terminal
±0.05% RL
±0.05% RL
Creep - 20 minutes
±0.05% AL
±0.02% RL
Rated output – Nominal
Rated output - Rationalised
Load direction
Tension, compression, bi-directional
Rationalisation tolerance (applies to single direction calibrations)
±0.1% RL
Output symmetry
10^8 ±RL cycles
Zero load output
±4% RL
Temperature effect on rated output per °C
±0.005% AL
Temperature effect on zero load output per °C
±0.01% RL
Temperature range - Compensated
-10 to +50°C
Temperature range - Safe
-10 to +80°C
Excitation voltage - Recommended
Excitation voltage - Maximum
Bridge resistance
700 Ω
Insulation resistance - Minimum at 50Vdc
500 MΩ
Overload (applied at loadcell face) – Safe
100% RL
Overload (applied at loadcell face) – Ultimate
200% RL
Overload (applied 500mm from loadcell face) – Safe
25% RL
Overload (applied 500mm from loadcell face) – Ultimate
50% RL
Ultimate sideload capacity
100 % RL
Weight - Nominal (excluding cable)
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