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Z Series Trekdraad Sensoren (Draw-Wire)

Compact, flexibel en zeer nauwkeurig open frame positiemeetinstrument. Kan worden ontworpen volgens OEM-specificaties

Z Series Trekdraad Sensoren (Draw-Wire)  | Althen Sensors

About the Z Series Draw-Wire Sensors

The Z series can be simply modified to meet specific requirements. Circuits can be added for regulated output. Designs are available with and without covers and can be engineered for drop-in replacement of current assemblies. They allow for custom mounting, custom electrical connections and customerspecified life testing.

Features Z Series

  • Compact
  • Open frame design
  • Customer specific design

Applications for Z Series

  • OEM applications


0-100/0-1000mm, 0-250/0-2400mm
Spool circumference
58mm, 115mm, 250mm
Output signal
Voltage divider (potentiometer)
+0.25% to +0.15% of F.S.
+0.15% to +0.075% of F.S.
Essentially infinite
Measuring cable
0.034-in dia. nylon-coated stainless steel
Plastic-hybrid precision potentiometer
Frame material
Zinc-plated steel
Cover material
Weight, max
1 lb.
Input resistance
500 or 10k Ohm (+10%)
Power rating, watts
2.0 at 25°C derating to 0 at 105°C
Operating temperature
-25°C to 105°C
Temperature coefficient of potentiometer
+100ppm/°C, -150ppm/°C

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