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OSP-FP Fiber Optic Rekstrookje

Optical polyimide foil strain gauge for deformation monitoring in harsh environments

About the OSP-FP Fiber Optic Straingauge

The OSP-FP (optical polyimide foil strain gauge) is a highly versatile fiber optic strain sensor for deformation monitoring in harsh environments.

The sensor is one of the most accurate fiber optic strain gauge sensors in the industry. It delivers unprecedented repeatability and reliability in the most adverse conditions such as high levels of electromagnetic fields as well as high voltage and rapid temperature cycling conditions.

This fiber optic strain gauge sensor, available with different cabling and sheath options, is customizable according to your specific requirements for T&M and OEM-type applications.

Features OSP-FP

  • Maintenance free without drifting over time
  • Outstanding repeatability
  • No temperature compensation required
  • Insensitive to transverse strains
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Easy to set-up and operate
  • EMI/RFI and microwave immune

Applications for OSP-FP

  • Civil engineering and geotechnical applications
  • Marine and subsea conditions
  • High voltage environments
  • Radiated environments
  • Nuclear and hazardous environments
  • ATEX environment and zone exposed to explosive atmosphere


Measuring range
± 500 µε, ± 1000 µε, ± 2500 µε, ± 5000 µε, ± 7500 µε (Extended range)
0.15 µɛ, 0.3 µɛ, 0.75 µɛ
Gauge factor accuracy
± 3%, ± 5%, ± 10%
Temperature sensitivity
Temperature insensitive
Transverse strain sensitivity
Transverse strain insensitive
Temperature operating range
-40°C to + 250°C (other ranges available upon request)
EMI/RFI susceptibility
Complete immunity
Cable length
1.5 meters standard (other lenghts available)
Optical connector
SCA standard, SC standard, ST available on request
Cable sheathing
From ruggedized flexible outdoor cable to robust stainless steel cable
Signal conditioner compatibility
All WLPI signal conditioners
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