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FTMS-LT Handheld Infrarood Temperatuursensor

A compact portable laser thermometer which allows quick targeting of the smallest objects

About the FTMS-LT Handheld Infrared Temperature Sensor

The compact portable laser thermometers in the FTMS-LT series offer a broad temperature range from -32 °C up to 420°C (-26 °F up to 788 °F), 530°C (986 °F) respectively 760°C (1,400 °F). They allow quick targeting of smallest objects, with the one-spot laser sight making targeting of measuring objects even easier.

Several variants are available such as equipped with an acoustic and visual high/low alarm function with changing display lightning, or with an integrated alarm function and internal data storage of up to 20 measured values as well as a thermo-elemental probe input including a thermocouple with measured values shown on the display.

The thermometers in the FTMS-LT series can be employed portable and flexibly for non-contact temperature control and surveillance of non-metallic surfaces.

They are especially popular in air-conditioning industries, e.g. for the surveillance of heating, venting, and air conditioning systems.

In mechanical maintenance, e.g. of engines, drivetrains, valves, kilns and steam distribution systems, the laser thermometers easily and reliably detect any weak spot. In preventive electrical maintenance, moreover, fuses, contacts, or switchboards can be checked preventively.

The thermometers of the FTMS-LT series are also popular in car service stations for diagnoses of automobiles, where they locate problems with ignition systems, air conditioning or cooling systems and help solving them immediately.

Features FTMS-LT

  • Precision optics for accurate noncontact temperature measurement
  • Temperature ranges from -32 up to 760°C
  • Fast 0.3 second scanning of cold and hot spots
  • Exact measurement of objects as small as 13mm in any distance less than 140mm
  • Optical resolutions up to 40:1
  • Laser sighting with narrow beam aiming for accurate readings
  • Adjustable acoustic HIGH-/LOW-alarm with changing backlight colors
  • USB interface, thermocouple input type K, Software
  • Extremely lightweight


Temperature range
-32°C to 420°C (up to 760°C available)
Spectral range
8 to 14µm
Response time
System accuracy
±1% or ± 1°C (20 to 420°C) (up to 760°C available)
± 1.5°C (19.9 to 0°C)
± 2.5°C (-0.1 to -20°C)
± 3°C (-20.1 to -32°C)
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