61 Auto Safety Testing Accelerometer

Piezoresistive MEMS accelerometer designed for In- Dummy test

About the 61 Auto Safety Testing Accelerometer

The Model 61 Accelerometer is based on an advanced piezoresistive MEMS sensing element which offers exceptional dynamic range and stability. This unit features a full bridge output configuration with a temperature range from -20ºC to 85ºC. This unit exhibits superior shock survivability and a flat amplitude/phase response up to 5kHz.


Key features 61

  • 2nd GEN MEMS Sensing Element
  • 2000 g Full Scale Range
  • 2-10 Vdc Excitation
  • <± 25 mV Zero Offset
  • 1% Transverse Sensitivity Option


Applications 61

  • In-Dummy
    o    Head
    o    Thorax
    o    Pelvic


Measurement Range
±750g / ±2000g
0.35 mV/g | 0.15 mV/g
Output [Supply Voltage]
±0.1 V [2 – 10 VDC]
Zero Accelerration Output
Frequency Response
0-2000 Hz to 0-5000 Hz
Natural Frequency
20000 - 26000 Hz
Shock Limit
5000 g
Operating Temperature
-23°C to +85°C
Epoxy Sealed, IP61
Case Material
Cable (Integral 30 Foot Cable)
4x #28 AWG, Braided Shield, PU Jacket
18 g
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