4312M3 Amplified DC Accelerometer

Designed for transportation measurements, structural monitoring, bridge-, tunnel- & dam-monitoring, low frequency applications, submersible measurements, shipboard installation

About the 4312M3 Amplified DC Accelerometer

The Model 4312M3 is 4-20mA output MEMS accelerometer offering both static and dynamic response. The accelerometer is packaged in a corrosion resistant stainless steel housing and is offered in ±2g to ±20g range. The model 4312M3 features an integral cable and is certified to IP68 protection up to 40m depth with an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.


Key features 4312M3

  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Integral Cable
  • ±2g to ±20g Dynamic Range
  • DC Response
  • Temperature Compensation


Applications 4312M3

  • Transportation Measurements
  • Structural Monitoring
  • Bridge, Tunnel & Dam Monitoring
  • Low Frequency Applications
  • Submersible Measurements
  • Shipboard Installations


Measurement Range
±2g / ±5g / ±10g / ±20g
4.0 mA/g | 1.6 mA/g | 0.8 mA/g | 0.4 mA/g
Non-Linearity and Hysteresis
Output [Supply Voltage]
4 – 20 mA [7 – 24 VDC]
Zero Acceleration Output
2500 mV ±100
Frequency Response
0-200 Hz to 0-300 Hz
-3dB Cutoff Frequency
1000 Hz
Rolloff Above Cutoff Frequency
-40 dB/dec
Natural Frequency
700 - 1500 Hz
Damping Ratio
Shock Limit
5000 g
Operating Temperature
-40°C to 85°C
Compensated Temperature
0°C to 65°C
Storage Temperature
-40°C to 85°C
IP68, 40m Depth
Case Material
316 Stainless Steel
PVC Insulated Leads (6x 0.14 mm 2 ), Braided Shield, PVC Jacket
<100 g
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