CRS07 Gyroscope (unpackaged)

Robust and affordable miniature gyroscope for applications in which space is critical

About the CRS07 Gyroscope (unpackaged)

A robust and affordable mass-produced miniature gyroscope for applications in which space is critical.
Angular rate sensors are used wherever rate of turn sensing is required without a fixed point of reference. The sensor will output a DC voltage proportional to the rate of turn and input voltage. High performance motion sensing even under severe shock and vibration.
Whatever your application, the unique silicon ring technology, coupled with closed loop electronics, gives advanced and stable performance over time and temperature, overcoming the mount sensitivity problems experienced with simple beam or tuning fork based sensors.

Key features CRS07

  • Ultra-small size
  • Excellent performance over temperature
  • Repeatable drift characteristic
  • High shock and vibration operation
  • Available packed or unpackaged
  • High rate range option - unpackaged only


Measurement Range
±100°/s, ±573°/s
20 mV/(°/s), 3.49 mV/(°/s)
Supply Voltage
4.75 to 5.25 VDC
<±0.5 %
>30 Hz (-3 dB), >10 Hz (-3 dB)
Bias Instability
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