CRS39 Gyroscope

Optimised for low angular rate applications where bias instability, angle random walk and low noise are of critical importance.

About the CRS39 Gyroscope

CRS39-03 provides the optimum solution for applications where bias instability, angle random walk and low noise are of critical importance.
At the heart of the CRS39-03 is Silicon Sensing’s VSG3QMAX vibrating ring MEMS sensor which is at the pinnacle of 15 years of design evolution and the latest off a line which has produced over 30 milli-on high integrity MEMS inertial sensors. The VSG3QMAXgyro sensor is combined with precision discrete electronics to achieve high stability and low noise, making the CRS39 a viable alternative to Fibre-Optic Gyro (FOG) and Dynamically Tuned Gyro (DTG).
CRS39 has been designed for mounting within a 25mm inside diameter cylinder.
Three on board temperature sensors and the resonant frequency of the MEMS enable additional ex-ternal conditioning to be applied to the CRS39 by the host, enhancing the performance even further.
Typical applications include downhole surveying, precision platform stabilization, ship stabilization, ship guidance and control, autonomous vehicles and high-end AHRS.
CRS39-03 supersedes CRS39-01. It is a higher specification, ‘drop-in’ replacement.

Key features CRS39

  • Proven and Robust silicon MEMS vibratingring structure
  • FOG-like performance
  • DTG-like size and performance
  • Low Bias Instability (0.1°/h)
  • Excellent Angle Random Walk (0.01°/√h)
  • Ultra-low noise (<0.006°/s rms, 10Hz)
  • Optimised for low rate range environments (e.g. North Finding)
  • Precision analogue output
  • Wide range from -10°C to +110°C
  • High shock and vibration rejection
  • Three temperature sensors for precision thermal compensation
  • MEMS frequency output for precision thermal compensation
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Packaged and unpackaged options

Applications CRS39

  • Platform Stabilization
  • Precision Surveying
  • Downhole Surveying
  • North Finding
  • Maritime Guidance and Control
  • Gyro-compassing and Heading Control
  • Autonomous Vehicles and ROVs
  • Rail Track monitoring
  • Robotics


Measurement Range
Supply Voltage
4.9 to 5.25 V
Bandwidth (normal)
25Hz ±10Hz
Bias Instability
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