FD96 Series Draw-Wire Sensors | String Pot

Customized versions for OEM

FD96 Series Draw-Wire Sensors | String Pot | Althen Sensors & Controls

About the FD96 Series String Pot

Draw wire sensors of the FD96 Series are designed for general use. Numerous options enable a suitable sensor to be selected for almost any application. Various analogue outputs and measuring ranges make many applications possible.

Features FD96 analogue and digital - Draw-wire sensor

  • Robust aluminium profile housing
  • Customized versions for OEM
  • Signal output: Potentiometer, current and voltage (analogue) and HTL/ TTL/ PB/ CO/ SSI (digital)
  • Easy and flexible mounting


Measurement range
2000 to 2500mm
Max. 2mm
Signal output
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