DPT250 Draw-Wire Sensors | String Pot

Digital pulse stream classic string pot delivering high accuracy and fine resolution

DPT250 Draw-Wire Sensors | String Pot | Althen Sensors

About the DPT250 Draw-Wire Sensors

The DPT250 Cable-Extension Transducer offers a highly accurate incremental encoder output signal that can provide both position and velocity information.

The output is a digital pulse stream that can provide resolution down to less than a thousandth’s of an inch! Delivering high accuracy and fine resolution without the need for perfect parallel alignment, this compact device offers the additional benefits of ease of installation and ability to interface to any PLC or controller. These features make the DPT250 the perfect choice for many applications that range from hydraulic cylinder positioning to robotic arm motion feedback.

Features DPT250

  • Short-range string encoder
  • High resolution
  • 25, 50-inch stroke range options
  • Powder painted & anodized aluminum enclosure

Applications for DPT250

  • Perfect solution for industrial & testing applications


Range (mm)
1270, 635
.05% of FS
.02% of FS
IP rating
Operating temperature
-18°C to 71°C
Measuring cable
Nylon-coated stainless steel
Housing material
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