M150 Draw-Wire Sensors | String Pot

One of the world's smallest string potmeters

M150 Draw-Wire Sensors | String Pot | Althen Sensors

About the M150 String Pot

The M150 is smaller than a thumbprint and occupies a tiny space of only 0.74 x0 .74 x 0.38 inches.

With a full stroke measurement range of 1.5 inches, the M150 has been designed for many aerospace and automotive space-critical test applications such as throttle position and crash-test instrumentation. The heart of the M150 is a precision high-cycle conductive plastic potentiometer that delivers a high-linearity voltage position feedback signal. With its rugged all aluminum construction, the M150 has been engineered for reliability and to provide quick, easy and hassle-free installation.

Features M150

  • Voltage divider (Potentiometric)
  • Ultra-miniature string pot
  • 1.5-inch stroke range
  • Precision high-cycle potentiometer

Applications for M150

  • For test and space-critical applications


Range (mm)
38.1mm (1.5 in.)
1% of FS
.02% of FS
IP rating
Operating temperature
-40°C to 85°C
Measuring cable
Nylon-coated stainless steel
Housing material
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