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digiVIT Eddy Current Sensor

Digital variable impedance transducer for noncontact linear position / displacement sensing

Key Features digiVIT

  • Large easy to read digital display
  • Scrolling menus for set up and calibration
  • Ethernet communication
  • No sensor, shorted sensor detection
  • Programmable switched output
  • Embedded intelligence, all functions accessible without a PC

Information & Quotation

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About the digiVIT Eddy Current Sensor

Digital Circuit Design: Kaman is not new to digital circuit design. From the late 1980s we have had a digital circuit sensor in production. Kaman has continued to build on the foundations developed with the EASI-9500, KμDA, and ThreadChecker products.

What’s Different This Time: Probably the biggest difference between the digiVIT and past digital inductive linear displacement sensors is that all functions can be accessed through 4 pushbuttons on the front panel. All information is displayed on an easy to read, integral digital display. There is no requirement to connect to a PC!

What’s Unique about digiVIT: Technological innovation has resulted in a self tuning bridge. There is no longer the need to connect to a PC to download a configuration file when changing sensors or doing high level calibrations.
Attaching a sensor to the digiVIT and performing a simple calibration procedure via the pushbuttons will tune the bridge. It not only tunes the bridge, its self optimization will ensure the best performance possible for any given, combination of sensor, target, cable & calibration.

Calibrations: Linearity calibration is a simple routine via the pushbuttons. Multiple point calibrations are possible. The 2-point calibration provides a reliable, precise repeatable output, the 6-point calibration provides outstanding linearity, and the 21 point calibration the best possible linearity.Temperature compensation calibration by the user is also possible. Simply positioning the sensor at 2 different positions within the calibrated range at 2 different temperatures and depressing a pushbutton will complete a temperature compensated calibration. The same procedure can also be done with the electronics.

Other features digiVIT

  • Self tuning bridge, will perform with nearly any sensor, any conductive target
  • Pushbutton calibration Y Pushbutton temperature compensation
  • Pushbutton zeroing

Applications digiVIT

  • Position, vibration, proximity sensing
  • Part sorting
  • Process control
  • Laboratory test
  • Engine dynamics testing
  • Condition monitorin



  • Specifications
  • Datasheets
Measurement Range
0.5 - 15.0 mm (Standard)
<0.1% (21 pt calibration), <0.3% (6 pt calibration)
Analog Output Options
0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC (default), +/- 5 VDC, +/- 10 VDC, 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA
<0.01% (@ 100Hz), <0.02% (@1000Hz)
Digital Display Options
Percent of full scale (default), Voltage output, Current output
2 point, 6 point, 21 point, Active temperature compensation
Zero, Ethernet connection, 2 point adjust, Programmable switched output
Operating temperature range
Sensors -55°C to 200°C, Electronics 0°C to 50°C
Storage temperature range
Sensors -55°C to 200°C, Electronics -20°C to 70°C
Sensor integral cable length
2 meters (Extension cables available)
Input power
18-28VDC (130mA @24VCD)

Information & Quotation

Do you need budgetary pricing or have questions about this product? Let us know how we can help you!

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