KD-2446 Eddy Current Sensor

Non-contact high-precision proximity measuring system


Measurement range
up to 6.99 mm (depending on sensor and target material)
Input Voltage
Regulated 12 Vdc to 24 Vdc. Fuse limit input current from power source to 11 mA, 0.28 W maximum at full load.
Analog output Voltage
0-22 Vdc minimum with 24 Vdc input; 0-10 Vdc minimum with 12 Vdc input. The 0-22 Vdc and 0-10 Vdc are maximum voltages with the defined input voltage.
Current (full load)
4.2 mA maximum
50 ohms
Frequency response
0-10 KHz(± 3db)
Switched output
Load current: 100 mA maximum AC or DC, Load voltage: 30 V r.m.s., 42.4 V peak, or 60 Vdc
On resistance
30 ohms minimum / 50 ohms maximum
Switch point hysteresis
0.56% of full scale for 9C sensor, and 0.97% of full scale for 5CM sensor using 24 Vdc input on 4130 steel Frequency response 3.3 KHz
Less than .008% of measuring range using a 5CM sensor on a 4130 steel target at mid scale, mid gain, and 12 Vdc input
Operating temperature range
Sensor and cable 0°F to +400°F (-18°C to +205°C), Electronics +32°F to + 150°F (0°C to +66°C)
Storage temperature range
Sensor and cable -60°F to +400°F, Electronics -58°F to +212°F (-50°C to + 100°C)
Thermal drift
Less than 0.22% per °C of full scale for sensor, electronics or system
IP rating
Sensor IP67, Electronics IP40
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