19mm diameter AC operated RVDT for hostile environments with an extraordinarily high output and low noise

About the RSYN-8-30 RVDT

The RSYN Series are RVDT (Rotary Variable Differential Transformers) angular position sensors that incorporate proprietary rotor and coil designs. Their non-contact electrical construction eliminates items such as slip rings, rotor windings, contact brushes or wipers that degrade over time and impair reliability. At the same time the coil design achieves extraordinarily high output and low noise.

RSYNs offer enchanced tolerance to shock and vibration, as well as humidity & salt mist resistance, which make these transducers the obvious choice where severe conditions are expected. Excellent performance over a wide temperature range provides a significant advantage over comparable sensors.

RSYN angular position sensors are also compact. They are available in two sizes: The RSYN 8-30 with a 0.75 inch [19mm] diameter, and the RSYN 11-30 with a 1.06 inch [27mm] diameter. The coil design comprises a primary and two secondary windings all placed in the stator. There are no windings in the rotor. The secondary windings act as pickup coils detecting the flux change caused by rotation of the rotor.

The stator core is a lamination stack of highly permeable magnetic alloy material and the rotor is made of the same material. A very small air gap separates these components. This combination provides for an “all-iron” flux path that provides for very high efficiency, resulting in a very high signal to noise ratio and a very low temp. coefficient of sensitivity. The linear AC output represents the rotor shaft angle position, providing the user with exceptional resolution even over very small angular ranges. Both models offer the flexibility of six lead wires to provide for a variety of connection schemes to signal conditioners. The RSYNs are factory calibrated over ±30 degrees, but may be over-ranged to ±35 degrees for a total sensing range of 70 degrees if necessary (with somewhat increased non-linearity).
Also see our other angular position sensor models, R30A (AC operation, aluminum housing), R36AS (stainless steel housing, MS style connector), R30D (bipolar DC operation), and the RVIT-15 Series (single ended DC operation, voltage or current output).

Features RSYN-8-30

  • Non-contact sensor
  • Extremely long rotational life
  • High reliability
  • High accuracy over temperature
  • Conductive housings
  • ABEC 3 precision bearings

Applications for RSYN-8-30

  • Valve position
  • Head box spinneret position feedback
  • Rotary actuator feedback
  • Hydrostatic transmission, off-road vehicles
  • Aircraft cockpit controls
  • Rudder position on boats


Linear angular range
±30 degrees
Non-linearity, maximum
±0.5% of FR
Output at range end (*)
13.33 mV/V/degree
Phase shift
Null voltage
0.4% of FRO
Input impedance @ 0 degree
Output impedance @ 30 deg.
Input voltage range (excitation)
1 to 10 VRMS
Test input voltage
7.5 VRMS
Input frequency range
1 to 5kHz
Test frequency
Test output load
10KΩ resistor
Temp. coefficient of sensitivity
0.011% per ºF [0.02% per ºC] over operating temperature range
Housing material
416 stainless steel
Size 8 servo mount BU-ORD
Vibration tolerance
20g, 15 to 2000Hz, 3 axes
1.58 oz [36gm]
Operating temperature range
-67°F to +221°F [-55°C to 105°C]
Mechanical angular range
360 degrees (no stops)
ABEC 3 precision, matched and preloaded
Shaft diameter
3/16 inch [4.75mm]
0.06 inch.ounce-force [4.3]
Shaft load capability
10 lb [4.5kg] Axial and Radial
Shock survival
30g, 11ms half-sine pulse, 3 axes
Electrical connection
Six lead-wires, AWG 28, PTFE insulation, 30” [762mm] long
IEC 60529 rating
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